Trendy Hairstyles For Boys

Trendy Hairstyles For Boys

The hair may reflect his personality and is one of the more easy ways to show their identity. So, why not give your child an identity by giving it some look excited or adorable Combs using one of these styles of hair for children.

1. Classic Pull ups

It is a hairstyle for children that can withstand the test of time (literally). Elvis Presley, this hairstyle is one of the popular and it will look too good on you! Wash your hair with shampoo and dry a little, but not too much. Divide the hair at the sides and use a hair dryer to dry the sides. The sides should be much shorter than the average section of hair shoot this look. After the side drying, use a comb and your hands to move the central part of your hair. You can use a comb, brush or just your hands to create a peak in the central part of your hair. Hair spray to keep the hair in place and also using a texturing if necessary gum.

2. Feather cut

Shaggy haircuts work well with all hair types and all sizes of hair, whether it’s long or medium hair. Shag, which is called, a haircut very convenient for your child and are very easy to maintain and the ‘oh-so-cute. Cut the fuck is a very simple piece that does not take too long and it is very easy to do. First of all, the hair wet and make a ponytail on the top of the head. Cut the ponytail so that the top of the head has short hair and improve toward the end. Now, cut the ends of the hair to the desired length. Do not cut the hair in a straight-line motion, but at an angle of 45 degrees, to stay in some parts of the initial length and give him a kiss from single Cup. This is the same process on the head. Using the Shaver gives a better hair texture and finish. Finally, the dry shampoo and hair.

3. Paint on

One of the classic hairstyle for boys, a comb on is becoming very popular with the kids these days. This style will make your child looks like a sweet boy he is and perfect in the good books of his teacher at the school. Separate the hair to get a perfect line to start a hair comb. Cut the sides of the hair that have separated you a styling comb and scissors. Remember damp hair before you start to trim the sides. Cut the front and the middle of hair according to your desired length. To remove this hair look good, you can be promoted to the top or to the side. Remember, side partition is very important to see this. Use Frost-style for a special occasion or just a brush to comb every day.

4. Mohawk

If your child is a little punky, naughty brat? Then it must comply with the Mohawk was perfect. Mohawk has been associated with the punk rock band in the 70 ° s and later many adopted during the early 2000s and 90 s. you can do your Mohawk with short or long hair, and it can also colors in a variety of colors like pink, blue or yellow, or natural color hair to make your child happy. The first step to get the look of the Mohawk trim completely on both sides, or leave some hair on the side. Mohawk can become long, i.e. from the top of the front to the back of the head, or just in the center of the head. So, depending on the model, you will need to cut his hair. After cutting the sides, begin to cut with scissors head Center. You can also use a razor or a trimmer beard to make specific points. Pull on the hair you want for Spike and using hair spray to keep. Cut the hair according to the desired length and use a hair dryer to keep the Mohawks. You can also color Mohawk.

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