Michelle Obama’s Hairstyle

Michelle Obama’s Hairstyle

Michelle Obama’s Hairstyle

Michelle Obama, the wife of the next President in the United States, will be the subject of public scrutiny. Because of his intelligence and then en Maitrise, all he had to say to the press will be dissected for hours. Since she became a mother of two children in the White House, the views and the values will be analyzed. And because the public appearance, the choice of clothing and hair styles will be the topic of the thesis of any hair stylist.

Michelle Obama hairstyle changes

Throughout the long campaign, since the main clock on November 4, Michelle Obama has worn a variety of hair styles. Some of them have obtained the approval of thepublic and some have raised eyebrows from fashion critics.
A woman of fashion-conscious can easily explain why some of the hairstyles of Michelle is amazing, while the other is not acceptable. But Michelle, depositions andappeals, so may not have the time to learn about hairstyles. Now as a first lady, time taking care of his hair will be even shorter. In addition, he found a Hairdresser named Johnny Wright, who will make sure that her hair may still be fit for the first lady.

Unfortunately for most women, this is not quite Johnny Wrights in the world. And most women are not able to pay this hairdresser service. Therefore, women should learn hair styles that would be the best in their appearance. And the hairstyle fromMichelle Obama’s experiment would be a good start.

Understanding the shape of the face of Mrs. Obama

In the world of hairdressing, stronger dogma is an important form of face.Determining face shape suitability hairstyle. For example, a round face shape preventsa woman to have a Chin length bob because this hairstyle will accentuate roundnessof her face. But Michelle’s face, like most women, don’t follow a particular face shape.The face is a combination of the two forms. Based on the strict measures the length and width of the face, Michelle has an oval face. In other words, the length of his facefrom the hairline to the tip of the Chin, 1.5 times longer than the width of the facearound the widest part of the cheek. Oval shape face implies that he could go outwearing a hairstyle that most on any length of hair.

However, see, Michelle has a wide forehead, Chin and cheek said. The typical square shape broad front face. This means that Michelle never had to wear a tassel fringestraight linear. To reduce the width of the eyebrows, Michelle bangs door aside.Strong Chin typical of oval face. This means that Michelle could allow as her hair to elongate beyond shoulder length and is not part of the hair in the Center. Long hairwill only focus on the Chin. Thus, Michelle maintain average long feather, split up on the sides, flip style with the tip or curved to soften her chin.

And finally, Michelle gives cheeks. The superiority of the cheeks may be due to a smilethat appears often, but also take the side of the face is wider. To add to long and getnarrower, part of the hair should be swept to the top and side edges to enclose the top of the face.

Her hair with her role as a mother balancing

Michelle faces her complex forms is not the only factor to consider in choosing a good haircut. There is also the complexity of her role as a mother. Have to look glamorousfor a dinner with diplomats, but this must still be checked carefully diplomatic.

It must appear classy television interview, but he cannot appear as someone who would introduce radical hairstyle trends. And finally, Michelle needs low maintenancehairstyles, because his schedule did not allow him to spend half of the time in the living room. Now, it looks like most of the women!

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