Men’s Short Hairstyles Names

Men’s Short Hairstyles Names

Haircut trends may vary from one season to but the sensational view this hair style short man giving never change. The majority of people in the community have different styles a short cut. And more which appear clean and beautiful, short hair on men allowed to determine their characteristics. Although the best short hairstyle suitable for almost all people, there are some styles that will look at you best depends on the shape of your face and your personality. Here are the names of the short hair styles that you can check.

1. Brush Cup
Cup brush works best for those who have oval or round shaped faces. For this hairstyle, your stylist will cut your hair on the sides and back while leaving the hair on top of long about half an inch. Hair above can be combed in a way that stands as a brush. To maintain the position of hair above, some hair products can be applied.

2. Cesar Cup
If you want that your hair is not too short or too long, cut the César may be your choice. César cutting is done by cutting the hair on the sides is equal to the length of 1-2 inches. Leaves hair fall naturally, and regular pruning is done to maintain the hairstyle.

3. Cut The Crew
Cutting crew is much more elegant that other men short hair cuts. This is done by cutting the short side and backwards and keeping on a little longer. Cut more is done to make the hair on the front lines longer than the hair on the back of the Crown. Some variations on the cutting crew have done one cut short as and others.

4. Cut The Ivy League
Cut the Ivy League, also known as the clip of Harvard. It is a variant of the cup of the crew where the hair cut longer on top. The hair can be styled so that it is brushed on the sides. You can also have the shortest fringe according to your preference.

5. Cutting Buzz
The haircut is a very short hair cut on the entire head with electric Clippers. Named for the sound that makes the mowers cut hair.

6. Fade Haircuts
One of the haircuts more short haircuts for men fade. To get this style, the feathers of the back and sides are cut very short. Hair cut short on the top, but growth in length much longer than the Crown to the front line.

7. High and Tight Hair
The term “high and tight” haircut used to define the hair between military cut. With this haircut, the hair on the sides and back are cut at least 1.5 mm or shorter. The hair on the top of the short cut, but also a little more on the sides and rear.

8. Flat Hair
Flat-top haircut is another variant of the cut. However, the hair on top of the same length and trimmed in brushed upward to watch dish.

9. Pompadour
Pompadour is one of the oldest hair cuts in both sexes. With pompadour hair, cut hair shoulder-length while on the Cup again. Hair that sweeps back while the hair on the front line are styled into a pompadour.

10. White-Sided
Whitewall is done by cutting the feathers on the back and the sides are very short. Top hair cut short or average length and style depends on people like you. If you want, you can add some bangs.

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