How to Get Your Best Hairstyle

How to Get Your Best Hairstyle

Should You Pick Your Hair Style Based On Body Type?

When you decide that you want a new hairstyle, you can look beyond the likes / dislikes and your hair type. Shape of the face is still an important factor in deciding on a hairstyle. There are 6 basic face shapes and all the rest is a combination of formula 1 or 2. Hair styles can be designed to accentuate a basic face shape and highlight the different aspects of your facial features. The basic forms of face including the heart, round, oval, rectangular, square and rectangle.

There is another factor that will greatly affect the way to style your hair turned. This is called the body type. There are many different body types out there. Because now we’ll talk about a very basic body types – the top and short and thin/full figured.

High women: If your height (5 ‘ 7 “and above), you will need to wear your hair long and full. Hair again will create a more sexier than short hair effect. If you take a look at all the celebrities, you will see that most of them wearing their hair in the media for a long time.

The short woman: If you’re 5 ‘ 4 “and below, it might be preferable to wear a short hair style. Long hair on men, short creates a wonderful effect that makes you look even shorter.

If your size is between 5 ‘ 4 ‘ and 5 ‘ 7 ” you can probably get away with hair styles short or long.

Skinny women: If you thin (and that everybody jealous!) You must select a style that has a high volume. If you wear your hair is stick straight, your body will look even more thin. Similarly, if you wear your hair full volume, you will notice the weight.

Full of women encrypted: If you have an integer, you should avoid wearing very short hair or rounded bobs. This style will accentuate the fullness of you and make you look more complete or disproportionate. Choose a style longer hair and fullness to it. Balance is the key to create the perfect hairstyle.

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