Hairstyles for Women of Size More

Hairstyles for Women of Size More

Anyone who wears a dress size for 44ww ENDURA entered in the category of large size.

Properly designed compliments the style of the shape of the face. Hotel flat individual size, tone and eye color of the skin. Perfect style will highlight features of the most beautiful face while minimizing weaker. It will be the strongest characteristics of POPs and the following note after the hair.

Freestyle can update your wardrobe. Beautiful new style can be worn with dress clothes will look old and new. Or, conversely, unflattering style will make every outfit evil look. The point is, look at the first hair and choosing the size of the woman or not praise.

There are ten steps in choosing a design to compliment the size.

1. Draw the outline of the shape of the face of the woman in the mirror with the removed marker

2. Determine the shape of the face of the real line which can be easily seen now

3. Place the oval above the actual face shape

4. Nothing outside the oval should be deempha sized

5. Whatever the oval must be emphasized

6. Enter the number-one of the best features of the face

7. Specify all the features that must be reduced to the minimum

8. Point the hair the best features

9. Sweep the hair of all the features that must be reduced to a minimum

10. The colorations to flatter or minimize the highlights or lowlights

Plus size, most clients have a round or rectangular shaped face.

There are several ways to correct the shape of the round face of design.

• Because the sides of the cheeks and face coming out of the oval layers, hairstyles are chosen to minimize this feature.

• For customers in favour of shorter hair, I would choose a look that is combed forwards include side. New shag hair cut is one which can be tipped forward and covers this area.

• If the size of the client more hair from the face of the desire, I would apply a color dark so that the sides of the hair with the paper. Dark colors will be slenderizes. After using a dark color, a new style of hair may be door and flipped the fuck out the face. Caution: do not lighten the hair on the side of the face in the form of a round as face it highlights will be to highlight and make look it more spacious.

• Because the Chin is usually outside the oval, it should be deempha sized. Never choose a hairstyle for a round face pointing Chin. choosing of the points above or below the Chin with thick line of hair cuts in the eyes or on the top. An example is a classic cut layered with lines high up in the temple.

• The temples and forehead are generally oval to round face and should be deemphasized. Select the piece of hair that sweeps up the temples and forehead. The highlights in this area give the illusion of an oval with a wider area of the temple.

To the shape of the rectangular face, follow the same tips for round faces and add a the following suggestions; Because of the lower jaw outside the oval layers, it must be reduced to the minimum and to remedy. Old fuck-coated door very good style is filled to remedy this situation and flatter the full numbers. Big hair is always a good choice and will complement numbers.

To correct or minimize the rectangular face of the jaw, choose a style that does not lead to the lower jaw. Design of a long suspended above or below this zone ensures that this region will be deemphasized in the size woman more. An example of this is short Bob and the average length Bob which lies between Chin and shoulder.

Full high figure looks striking and beautiful in the style of full length. Shorter image wants to see that slenderizes should choose short styles with height at the top. Fairy supplemented with top or curled to the fullness is a good choice.

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