Changing Hair Black to Red Gradient

Changing Hair Black to Red Gradient

Hi, so in this video I’m going to show you how I change my hair from black to red.

So, my hair is naturally dark brown and even though you can’t see on camera I have a little bit of permanent black hair dye init.

I’m starting off with unwashed, greasy hair.

These are the products I’m using.

I know this looks silly but I have a fresh piercing so I just took extra precautions to keep it away from the harsh bleach.

I dampened my hair, added conditioner, and didn’t rinse it out.

Conditioner seems to help the bleach lift my hair more because it is so dark.

I used two scoops of the powder bleach and followed the directions and measurements it says.

I don’t own a dye brush so I’m just using an old comb to apply.

This is what it looks like all applied and then I throw on a plastic disposable shower cap to keep heat in to help the bleach.

This is after the bleach was left on for 40 minutes.

My hair is yellow, brassy and the bleach didn’t lift certain parts of my hair because that’s where the permanent black dye was.

My hair was also a little dry at this point so I gave it a few days rest and then used some hair masks.

My solution to the uneven bleach was to just trim those sections so this is what my hair looks like after.

The dye I’m using is by a brand called IroIroor Iroiro, I don’t know which.

This is a semi-permanent dye.

This company is vegan, uses natural ingredients,and they say that “instead of using conventional plastic bottles or jars, we have reduced 70%of our carbon footprint by using our e co-pouches.

Because our semi-permanent hair dyes are packaged in pouches, you can squeeze out every drop of natural vibrant hair color.

” So, I’m really into this company and what they stand for.

Their hair dye also has a really pleasant smell.

And I was super impressed with the color payoff.

Additionally, if you go check them out they have a big selections of colors.

So, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going for with this hair color I just knew I wanted some kind of gradient.

I’m applying the yellow and orange dye around the top of my head and side.

Then I’m using just the red dye and applying around those areas.

Which would be the front of my bangs and sides of my head.

Then I did a mix of purple and red to make a dark red or maroon color and just continued with that.

I think the purple ended up overpowering the red, as in I mixed too much purple but, it’s totally fine.

I rinsed my hair with cold water and this was the result.

I hope you liked the video and thank you for watching!.