Best Hairstyles For Women With Black And Blond Hair

Best Hairstyles For Women With Black And Blond Hair

Hair is one of the most important parts of a woman; As a woman, you have to care. If you blonde or black hair, and you questions what is the best way for you, here are some of them:


This is a style that includes, all die, but one or more of the selected parts of hair. The selected area (piece) and then dyed with different colors. For example, selects your blond hair, you can head and black dyes a piece in the middle or on the side.

To do with this style, you must take care to ensure that you do this properly and professionally funny look to avoid.

Spike short

Here you have the hair with two or three inches in the whole head cut. Then, you must decide how you want to dye your hair: you can the color blond or black top. Keep in mind that different dyes lead to different results. For example, the dyeing make blonde which nails are longer; However, if you are going to colorize a black style subtle.

Once you have separated the hair above, you must apply a color under the lines and then apply another color at the top. Then you have to color my hair so below that combed, or back off your face. To create a style stand out, you must apply hair gel on the hair.

The good side of this style is that it is simple and at the same time very elegant. The main disadvantage of this style is that it takes time to achieve the look that you want.

Bi-colored Bob

Short or medium length Bob gives you the choice what you can do with your hair. Here, to the top layer of your hair with a color color and then apply a different color, including. If you don’t mind, you can choose black hair color for the most part and then pops the bleach blond.

If you want to see extreme, two-inch section of hair at the front should alternately back and forth.

Although simple and stylish, style, carefully, if you should wear it. This is very important, if you work in a conservative environment. For best results you should always consult with an expert, before you get the style.

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