6 Amazing Long HairStyles for Women

6 Amazing Long HairStyles for Women

Long hair style is very versatile, not only look different, but also for testing and style high-things to do as well. Long hair can be worn long and loose, with a romantic or loops upwards in a bun for a weird look. Here are 6 great old styles for women.

1. Long and layered with cutting tip. This look is ideal for many types of face (round, oval, square, etc.) and versatile, you can let the loose curl, curls and even has a partial update to do messy bun – like model or even France.

2. Long and curly. Romantic curls are always popular, especially among women with long hair. Stars such as Jessica Simpson and Kate taking has beautiful long hair with loose curls.

3. The tangled layers. This works best with hair that is medium in texture (not for delicate or very thick locks). To get the look, your stylist and ask layers long when put into folds, finger-comb through you swirl see the classic puzzle game. You can also create a partial update to do with scans, both sides with bars or PIN to hair and let cascade down into the layers of fluid. Perfect for a special date or wedding that you must attend.

4. Loops. It has become one of the most romantic and sexy appearance for women with long hair. There are several ways to achieve curls: you can use a curling iron or curlers, as well as of many old lacquer strong to maintain appearance. For the tests of small loops, swept in a loose, messy bun and decorate with crystals-clamp details.

5. Old fuck. This style, which has a layers of long and short, is become popular in the 1960s and 1970s and also hit a good note with Jennifer Aniston in the mid-1990s with its famous Kiss as Rachel green in friends. For this hairstyle, opt for razor cut bangs, wispy for a touch of modernity to this Cup. Of course, you can also edit under the tip of the PIN with a pair of pliers and Bobby to see a Bob without cutting your hair style. Many celebrities have worn this style of faux-Bob, such as Rosario Dawson, Amy Adams and Leighton Meester.

6. The locks curled with thin bangs cut. It is a popular and helps hide the height or the width of the front. It is also very sexy, if your hair is naturally wavy and you side – sweep your bangs to the side. For luxurious style night on the town, try to pin the bangs and sides and only use a curling iron on a loose braids at the back for romantic curls or loops barrels. Lacquer long term assistance to help you stay beautiful up-do and the last loops.

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