5 Of The Best Vintage Hairstyles

5 Of The Best Vintage Hairstyles

Vintage hairstyles are not only unique, but they are also easy to maintain. If you are a fan of vintage, here’s a unique hairstyle, you can:


It was very popular in the 1700s and it has quickly made the sign again. This style, you need to brush your hair up your face and put it on your forehead. You too can upsweep around the sides and back. Celebrities who love this style: rose, Jenny McCarthy and Miley Cyrus.


It began to be used in the 1920s and gave the impression that the use of women is a strong, independent and confident. At this style you need to cut your hair short and long. There are many variations of this style. For example, there’s a sassy bob (submitted by Victoria Beckham) and many others.

Finger waving

It came from bob. Here the short hair is soft and wavy. It is very common in the 1920s and mostly worn by women who could not remove the line long and rigid shoulder bob.

To have a very good eye, you need to shape your hair wet between your fingers and combing the hair in alternating directions to create waveforms. Once you are finished, you will have dry hair without disturbing the waves.

If you plan to have this lifestyle, you must have the good quality lacquer which will help you to offer your hair looks perfect.

Victory rolls

The style takes its name from the World War II combat aircraft that tend to render the exhaust gas to roll across the sky. This style is characterized by nature to keep hair out of your face.

It is very common in the 1940s, where many women have started to work so I have to keep hair out of their faces. If you think that the style is too hard for you, you can soften by adding a flower behind the ear.

The bedroom hair

This is a hairstyle that requires you to have your hair curly. If you do not have curly hair, you should invest in a good product for hair and hair curlers. At this style, you must implement the root of voluminzer wet your hair and dry hair blow until it is almost dry. To look awesome, you need to use an iron to curl hair gives the final touch.

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