5 Best Haircuts for Round Faces

5 Best Haircuts for Round Faces

Mila Kunis has similarities, Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone? All these beautiful women who have a round face shape, like you! They always look amazing because of all you need a good hair cut or style hair to flatter your features wider, softer.

There is a section of hair for every hair length for any hair texture and length to focus on minimizing the widths to create the illusion of an oval face is coveted. Discover all these lovely hair style you should choose.

Here are the 5 best hairstyles for round face:


The length of each hair, bangs can be a great addition to a round face. Side swept bangs Look flatter and add Universal angle desired. Add a few strands, fringe bangs or more thick that hit on the cheekbone, depending on type of hair and your hair.

If you are in love with Zooey Deschanel blunt bangs, don’t worry! They are good enough to face bigger when worn brow skimming length. Some of the angles surrounding a layer of Chin also helps.

Right across from the edge should not be totally opposite. Smooth cutting edge curves slightly shorter on the sides and long in the center of softening the blunt bang. Or curling a bit blunt fringe as something a little different.


Long hair that is used to add the illusion of length for round face or big cheeks. Wearing long hair directly to eliminate any unwanted width. Use a flat iron to style hair ultra serum and super shiny.

If you like the style still in the Center, make sure that the hair is at least the length of the collar bone. Even better are the deduct graduated which adds a corner close to the face.

You can also rock side, right next to deep Center on the side. The hair will fall on a cheek, you give more angles of the face.

If you would like to add some romantic curls looking for dating or every day, you can always! You save time and flatter your face shape begins to loop under the Chin.


The average Duration between and in length is one of the best hair cuts for round face and does not really exist. Medium hair can start to curl shoulder length spanking can become unmanageable.

Long hair collarbone length gives you enough without more work. If you have thick or wavy hair, make sure you get many layers cut so as not to add width hair volume.


Some say bobs BN for a round face, but it is for the right person for your face shape. If you want long Chin bob as Cameron Diaz, which also has a round face, side swept bangs will add a flattering in the way that tilt rounded hair style.

Or go for a bob a few inches below the Chin length with a side part. The look of this chic, elegant and easy to wear. If you would like to add one more thing some advantage, getting bob choppy and wear it ruffled.

Angled bobs or pass is also a very good idea. They can cut into the far corner of the jaw to exaggerate. This method also adds a wonderful texture.


It seems paradoxical, but injuries cut may be great for round faces, if you dare to wear one. Ginnifer Goodwin was completely changed with this cute cut that uses edge tilted with the model layers in soft jaw against the ladder.

Alternatively, you can comb to add volume, texture, and height above the head. Have fun with it! And clean, where one or both sides is shaved, so hot right now. If you are fashion forward, this Cup is ultra feminine.

* Bonus tip

One last note, if you throw up hair in a ponytail, bun, half of the top of the hair, the same rules apply. You want to increase height to reduce the width. Take a minute to tease the hair directly behind the line of sight to add volume flattering to the Crown. Those who have fine hair may need a bit of Hairspray or Pliers cross-crossed for encouragement.

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