3 Simple Wedding Hairstyles You Can Create By Yourself

3 Simple Wedding Hairstyles You Can Create By Yourself

Although the each Bride want to hire specialists in hair to make hair for her wedding, hair experts are usually very expensive so affordable for many people. If you are one of the wives who can’t afford hairdressers, here are some of the best hairstyles you can do yourself in your home.

Webbing doubles crown

It is simple but very elegant style that lasts all night. While the great style, you need to apply a lot of Hairspray if your hair silky straight.

To shape your hair in this style, you need to take part of an inch of your hair behind your ear and braid all along. You will then draw the first side of your hair and move it to the other side of the head and secure it with hairpins. To prevent the pin from the display, you have to put the pin through the braids.

You should do the same thing with both sides and secure in place with hairpins. To ensure that the ends of the hair are not, you should move the hair on the side.

A game of Thrones braid

This is a style that derives from the popular game of Thrones. To get this style, You need to part your hair in the Middle using a comb or whatever. You have to then different parts of one or two inches of hair on each side of the head and then French braid until you reach the end of the game.

You have to then French braid the second part and then weave the ends of two French braids together. You use Hairspray for hair perming liquid.

Flowers twist up

One of the best things about this style is that it works both during the day and at night. Here you have to collect the hair back and began to roll the tip upwards at the ceiling.

You must continue to roll the hair until it reaches the base of your neck and then use some PINS to secure the twist the back of your head. You must apply the varnish to hold the hair.

Here are some simple but the best hairstyles that you can do it easily by yourself. To make sure that it made You their perfectly, it is recommended that you have a tutorial with you to serve as a guide.

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